Build your own!

Antikythera Mechanism

and wooden grandfather CLOCK

The Antikythera Mechanism is a 2200 year Ancient Greek portable planetarium

and is the first known analog computer marking the begining of modern computing.

The front dial displays the zodiac position of the first 5 planets, sun, moon phase and date.

The 57 gears computes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and

7 harmonic orbit first order Fourier Transforms!

The back dials display the 72 year lunar calendar, Olympic games calendar

and most important predicts a solar or lunar ecliplse.

How does it work?

The mechanism was housed in a wooden box complete with a built in instruction manual.

The mechanism is not operated vertically as illustrated in the videos below.

The mechanism is operated horizontally to minimise gear backlash.

The Antikythera PI is a 3.14 scale wood frame replica which has

been hollowed out to highlight the genius of the Ancient Greek design.

Something a bit simpler to practice on first

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